Friday, January 6, 2012


    Making choices everyday is a part of my life. Every time I make a choice. I think about it before making the choice.  Not so long ago, maybe around the time of November, I was thinking about dropping out of school and going for my GED. I thought about it, and took the predictor to see how would I do on the test.  Didn't do as well as I expected. Then I went to the program on 35ST too and missed a whole week of school trying to get into the program. Then I realized it was just too stressful for me. I thought to myself, why drop out when I'm so close to graduating high school. But the problem was that I was stressing the fact that I wasn't working I wanted to get school out the way and start college. So I thought that going for my GED would be my shortcut out of school but I thought wrong. I've made the right choice by staying in school and not worrying so much about work. I'll just dedicate all my time at school and finish and then worry about a job. Because school and work all in one day is just to stressful.
   Robert Frost's poem called The Road not Taken talks about choices. It's about two roads. He can't take both roads so he has to decided between one of the roads. He stood looking down one as far as he could. Where it bent in the undergrowth so he decided to take the other road because it was grassy and wanted wear. "They equally lay in leaves no step had trodden black. He will be telling the tale somewhere in ages". He took the road less traveled. His choice was very important because he didn't end up taking both road so he avoided from traveling more then what he had to travel. This poem speaks about important choices that he had to make in order to get to his destination, in a short period of time. 
    The short story Dead End by Rudolfo Anaya is being writen base on the story Hispanic Legend of La Llorona,  This story lived strong on many people memory and people swore it was true. Maria who is the main character thought and cared a lot for her family. But I find a problem in Maria. Just because she was a beautiful lady she thought she was better then everyone else. Once she started to get older her pride in being beautiful increase. Once she became a young woman she wont even bother looking at the man in her village. She wanted a attracted man just like her. So she decided to married a very handsome man, she felt in love with him and both decided to have kids. One problem that I find in Maria is that just because she was a beautiful lady she thought she was better then everyone else. But she was really psycho I think of her as a psycho because she ends up killing her kids for the dumbest reason. She ends up killing her kids because after a few years later the ranchero went back to the wild life of the prairie. He would leave town and be gone for month and when he returned it was just to visit his children It seem like he was caring less for the beautiful Maria. He even wanted to sit aside with Maria and tell her he wanted to married a woman of his own wealthy.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


  Satire is a literary term used with humor, exaggeration, irony or being ridiculous in the sense to expose or criticize other people's bad actions. We use satire to correct a person's action. I remember a time in which my friends and I decided to have a girl's night out and go out to a nice fancy club on the summer time the temperature was beautiful. We were enjoying each others company, we were outgoing and we also shared our laughter in between a random guy pop out of the blue and asked one of my friends to dance. My friend and I stood by our self and started to dance with each other, we were being really silly at the time we didn't care who saw us and what they were saying, we were just being our self around everyone else. At the end of the night we were satirical and were also mimicking each other and how my friend felt nervous around the guy that asked her to dance, and the way we were dancing with each other. We didn't really care if anyone saw us acting ridiculous in the club what matters was that we had fun. We may act satire without even being aware of it.
   Taylor Mali's "The the impotence of proofreading". essay has many words that were misspelled and didn't make any sense.What's being satirized in this essay was the use of the spell checking without knowing how to spell. This is the correct spelling of the first paragraph in his essay. "Has this ever happened to you? You worked very hard on the paper for English class, and then get a very low grade (like a D or even a D-). All because you are the world's worst speller. Proofreading your papers  is a matter of the most importance thing you would have to do before handing it in to the teacher especially when its going to be graded. Even though Taylor did some spell checker, for the person who is reading his paper, it really doesn't make any sense. so its always good and important to proofread any form of writing before handing it in or publishing it. From my personal experiences plenty of times when I misspelled a word , it will not show any mistakes so I will continue to write without noticing. Finally when is time to proofread my work I will then notice all my mistakes and fix it. Now, if I did not proof read my work I would have turned in a horrible paper, and failed.
    An article that intrigued me the most within the web page "The Onion", was the article called "Boxer who killed other guy in ring somehow" satire was being used in this article because James Griffin killed a